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In this month's newsletter we are pleased to offer articles about Mahasthangarh, Hardinge Bridge, and Samar Das.

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Latest Articles:

Mahasthangarh - A Window to the Past

The ancient archeological site of Mahasthangarh is believed to date back as far as 700 BC and appears to have been occupied right up to the 1700s. Mahasthangarh is located in the Shibganj Upzila (subdistrict) of the Bogra Dist...

History of Hardinge Bridge

Located in the western region of Bangladesh is a structure that was once used as a railway to enable more convenient communication between Assam, what was Eastern Bengal and Calcutta. The proposal to construct the Hardinge Bri...

Samar Das - An Influential Musician

There are many music artists who find fame outside of their country of birth, but there are few who have left an indelible mark locally and internationally. Samar Das was one such a musician, who became a legend in the music i...

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