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Chhau and Dak: Bengali Folk Dances (Part 1)

Folk dancing in Bangladesh has been handed down through countless generations, forming an important part of community gatherings. Some folk dances are closely associated with religious beliefs, while others may cross the borde...

Chhokra, Ghatu and Leto: Bengali Folk Dances (Part 2)

Folk dancing in Bangladesh is a very popular pastime and forms an integral part of many religious, cultural and social gatherings. Chhokra, Ghatu and Leto dances are primarily attended by Muslims, but they also attract people...

Gambhira, Jari and Fakir: Bengali Folk Dances (Part 3)

Gambhira dance is accompanied by Ghambira songs, and while the dance is not as popular as it once was, it is nevertheless still performed and enjoyed in Rajshahi. Through song and dance, the two main performers in their roles...

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